Cat & Dog Self Cleaning Brush

Hair Cleaner
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Product details of Cat & Dog Self Cleaning Brush, Pet Grooming Tool Brush, Removes Loose Undercoat. ,
Cat Fur Brush Self-Cleaning Design effortlessly removes hair from pins with the push of a button. For Clean Home: Use this deseeding brush to reduce shedding and keep both your cat and home clean. For Cat’s Shiny Hair: Enhances the natural luster of your cat’s coat for a beautiful shine.Provides excellent grooming results with minimal efforts. Designed for use on cats and small animals.Used for massage your pets and pets will feel comfortable under the brush’s motion.Keeps your pet well-groomed and gentle care of the pet’s hair.Comfortable handlebar, easy to hold and use.

This pet grooming brush is ideal for the loose hair removaland massaging the skin of your pet. Its strong and durable with a roundeddesign preventing injuries to pets. Use during bathing to enhance theeffectiveness of your shampoo. Distributes natural oils to enhance coat’sshine.You can use it with wet or dryhair. All you do to remove your pet’s hair from the brush is push the button.

PROFESSIONAL GROOMING BRUSH. Our newly designed dog and cathair brush for grooming and shedding, for gently removing all loose hairquickly and easily. Not only is it effective and safe, but pets also actuallylove to be groomed by it too!

EASY TO CLEAN: After you are done brushing your pet, simplyclick the button to withdraw the bristles, and the collected hair FALLS rightoff! Cleanup your brush is ready for next time!

SAY GOODBYE TO SHEDDING & MATS: Short, medium, long -haired, thick, thin, curly, one big tangle knot, this pro groom brush handlesit all! Unlike a comb, our bristle design dishes, cleans & shines even thethickest coats. Works great on many an animal including dogs, cats, rabbits& more. Pet brushing feels so good it will make a kitty purr and a puppypant. Not for noticeably short hair.

PETS LOVE IT. GOOD FOR THEIR HEALTH TOO! Our brushes groomand massage for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation, so not only doesit work great, it’s good for them too! Your pet’s coat is left soft and shiny.That is how confident we are! Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get your kitcompletely risk-free!

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